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Commodity Prices Excel File (February 2017) Cocoa is Crashing!!

Most, but not all of the commodity series we pull in had been updated through February over at the “FRED” site. We were tired of waiting so we figured you guys probably were too. So we refreshed the file…you can download it here: Excel-Data-Junkies-Monthly_Commodities_Report (02-2017).

Just a refresher….what we have done is captured the historical monthly values for 44 commodities going back to the 1980’s. We then calculate trailing 12 month averages, year over year changes etc….then cram it all into an easy to use Excel dashboard. What you get is one file with the flexibility to create any chart you want with just a few clicks. For example:

Here we have the all important “Cocoa” in $/MT with the monthly crashing almost through $2000 to a level it hasn’t been in nearly 10 years and the trailing 12 month right behind it!! I don’t know how to make money off of that but maybe you do? Anyway…hope you get some use out of this file….and make sure to come back next month for the latest update.

Commodity Prices Excel File

The goal of this site is to take useful public data series and cram them into easy to use dashboards…I think this one will be useful to a lot of people. We have taken 44 global commodities from the biggies like oil and gas to the critical ones like coffee :)…and even found room for Lamb!!

Above is a screenshot…just select your commodity using the control on the right…select multiples by holding the [Ctrl] button down and clicking on or off. Keep in mind…they will default to the same axis…so if their per unit values are materially different it isn’t going to look good…you can always plot it on the secondary axis, but that takes a few extra clicks. The “Value Type” control in the bottom right corner lets you choose the monthly value, monthly change, trailing twelve month average etc….I think the monthly and the trailing twelve month will get the most use, but the others are there if you need to dig deeper. Finally, most of the series go back to the 1980’s…the bottom control lets you select which years you want to see. I set it to 2000+…hold the [CTRL] button down and click, or unclick to change the time frame if you want.

To see the raw data, the “dashboard table” tab has the selected data, and you can double click on anything to see the underlying record.

Download the file here:Excel-Data-Junkies-Monthly_Commodities_Report (01-2017)

And for the road…Coffee is headed up, but it’s not nearly as bad as 1994…hopefully this neat little dashboard will save you some time if nothing else. Enjoy!!