Data Download: 02-10-2017 Weekly Petroleum Status Report

For the best usability, download the excel file here: EIA_PETROLEUM_MASTER_FILE(02-10-2017)

If you don’t have Excel or are running an older version, you can view the dashboard using the Excel Web App with the embedded copy below. You will likely want to click the icon in the bottom right corner for full screen, then adjust your browser zoom to fit.

2 thoughts on “Data Download: 02-10-2017 Weekly Petroleum Status Report”

  1. The article title reads “Data Download: 02-10-2016 Weekly Petroleum Status Report
    Posted on February” but the Excel data files says “2017”. I think that the title should also be for “2017” or, maybe I am missing something. Hmmm …?

    Nonetheless, thanks much for the time, effort, files, etc.

    1. John,

      Thanks!!Of course you are correct…this update covers through the 2/10/2017 weekly petroleum status report. I have updated the title!!

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