Data Download: 10-07-2016 Weekly Petroleum Status Report

For the best usability, download the excel file here: Eia_Petroleum_Master_File10-07-2016  and open in your desktop version of Excel 2010 or better.

If you don’t have Excel or are running an older version, you can view the dashboard using the Excel Web App with the embedded copy below. You will likely want to click the icon in the bottom right corner for full screen, then adjust your browser zoom to fit.

Some notes for this week:I received a lot of emails saying they liked the file…but could you add XYZ…. What I decided to do was rename the Dashboard tab “Scott’s Picks”. It has all of the series I keep a close eye on, and is often a weekly number rather than a daily number. To accomodate everyone, I added a second dashboard to the end, with series from EIA’s table 01-Balance Sheet, 04-Stocks, and 08-Crude Imports. It’s still not everything, and I have not edited any of the EIA’s ridiculously long series titles, but it was a simple way to add a lot of data to the file without junking up my own personal masterpiece 🙂 Enjoy!!

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