Data Download: EIA Monthly Natural Gas Data Through July 2016

Just wanted to roll this new/updated file. We spend a lot of time each week looking at weekly data, but just for fun, take a step back and check out some of the EIA’s Monthly data. Supposedly, the monthly data is of better quality, but is generally a few months behind, making it not so useful for day trading, but still an interesting historical record.

The file has 103 series with data going back to the 70’s for a few of them. In all you have over 50,000 chartable data points including production by state in BCF, BCF/D, and Trailing 12 month BCF/Y. Also interesting is consumption by use, storage, prices, and of course my favorite, a reconciliation!! The great thing about dumping all of these series into a single pivot chart is that you can chart whatever you want, over whatever time period you want, compared to whatever other series you feel like. It is literally thousands of charts in one. That way you can pretty much ignore whatever I think is important and do your own unique research.

For the best usability, download the excel file here: EIA_Natural_Gas_Master_File. and open in your desktop version of Excel 2010 or better. I’m not going to post the excel web app version today…it’s a lot of extra steps that I’m not sure anyone actually uses. If you do…ping me and let me know so I can get a count of how many people prefer the Excel web app. Instead, here is a screenshot of just one of thousands (technically…it’s a lot more than that, but you get the idea) of possible charts you can create. Enjoy!!



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