Fun With Math: Deferred Income Taxes

The file below was created to support my Seeking Alpha Article “$100 Billion Reasons You Need To Understand How Tax Cuts Will Impact Deferred Taxes
The data itself was kind of a pain to get…I had to find the latest 10K (most of them were from 2015…I pulled most of this together last month before most companies had released 2016) and dig into the notes for a breakdown of deferred tax assets and liabilities….don’t worry…it was great fun!!…but you can understand why I didn’t do the S&P500 🙂

For the best usability, download the excel file here:DOW-30-Deferred Tax Worksheet (Excel-Data-Junkies)

If you don’t have Excel you can use the Excel Web App with the embedded copy below. You will likely want to click the icon in the bottom right corner for full screen, then adjust your browser zoom to fit.


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