November Natural Gas Files

It’s been a long time since I published this but I’m going to try an make it a monthly thing from here out. The source is the EIA’s monthly data set for gas, which is generally released two months after the end of the month, so this November data was released at the end of January, and December data will be released at the end of February.

So what do we capture??…almost everything. There are 104 data series in the dashboard starting with the big guys…beginning and ending storage, monthly inflows and outflows and some calculated fields off of that like dailies and trailing 12 month averages etc… Then we pull in all of the components that add up…including state by state production and category by category consumption. In all honesty, it’s a bit too much data for one dashboard, but it still fits in a nice <1 MB excel file, so it seemed silly to split it up. The great thing about the dashboard is that all the data is in there, all you have to do is select whichever series you are interested in and the chart just pops up!!


I will kick it off with a nice chart that copies something I have been presenting in regards to oil comparing the trailing 12 month inflows to the trailing twelve month outflows.

Here we can see clearly that inflows surpassed outflows around the end of 2014, building the YOY inventories month by month. Fast forward two years and it looks like we are on the cusp with supply and demand just about coming back to balance. Digging in you would see that domestic production is declining, and curiously so is consumption.

One more for the road…here we have the trailing 12 month production from Texas slowly building before topping out mid 2015 and now declining at a rate of about 15% for over a year now.  For reference Texas is about 25% of US production so it will be interesting to see if this decline turns around in the next 6 months or so

I could go on forever…there are over 100 series and data goes back to the 1970’s for some of them. The dashboard gives you the flexibility to chart each for whatever time period you want, or even chart multiple series against each other. Enjoy!!…and let me know if there are any questions.


For the best experience download the excel file and open in your desktop version of Excel 2010 or newer. EIA_NATURAL_GAS_MASTER_FILE_11-2016

If you don’t have Excel or are running an older version, you can view the dashboard using the Excel Web App with the embedded copy below. You will likely want to click the icon in the bottom right corner for full screen, then adjust your browser zoom to fit.

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